A simple jQuery timepicker plugin
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Turn any input element into a elegant timepicker
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  • Simple user interface
  • Minimally invasive CSS, no styles applied to input fields
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to implement
  • All instances on the page use the same timepicker selector, no duplication
  • Supports click and click & hold for quick time selecting
  • Keyboard events for improved accessibility


* jQuery (>= 1.9)


In your HTML

<input type="text" name="timepicker" class="timepicker"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="wickedpicker.js"></script>

In your JavaScript file



Twenty-four hour clock setting (default false)

var options = {
now: "12:35", //hh:mm 24 hour format only, defaults to current time
twentyFour: false, //Display 24 hour format, defaults to false
upArrow: 'wickedpicker__controls__control-up', //The up arrow class selector to use, for custom CSS
downArrow: 'wickedpicker__controls__control-down', //The down arrow class selector to use, for custom CSS
close: 'wickedpicker__close', //The close class selector to use, for custom CSS
hoverState: 'hover-state', //The hover state class to use, for custom CSS
title: 'Timepicker', //The Wickedpicker's title,
showSeconds: false, //Whether or not to show seconds,
secondsInterval: 1, //Change interval for seconds, defaults to 1
minutesInterval: 1, //Change interval for minutes, defaults to 1
beforeShow: null, //A function to be called before the Wickedpicker is shown
show: null, //A function to be called when the Wickedpicker is shown
clearable: false, //Make the picker's input clearable (has clickable "x")


.wickedpicker('time') get the current time inside of the input element that has a wickedpicker attached to it.

var timepicker = $('.timepicker').wickedpicker();

If multiple input fields have the same class and instantiate a wickedpicker then pass the index of the timepicker you'd like to select.

In your HTML

<input type="text" id="timepicker-one" name="timepicker-one" class="timepicker"/>
<input type="text" id="timepicker-two" name="timepicker-two" class="timepicker"/>

In your JavaScript

var timepickers = $('.timepicker').wickedpicker();
console.log(timepickers.wickedpicker('time', 1));
//JS console: time of timepicker-two


Twelve hour clock:

Twenty-four hour clock:

Twelve hour clock and clearable:


The Wickedpicker opens when the bound input is clicked, or focused on (try tabbing), and it can be closed by either clicking the X, by clicking outside of it, or by pressing esc. The arrows icons increase or decrease their associated time values or toggle the meridiem. The values can also be changed using the up and down keys when focused on. To move to the next value just press the left or right arrow key.